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Cannabis seeds: high content of amino acids and trace minerals

Marijuana is a hemp plant which has long been known for its medical value and has cured many lives around the world. These seeds have a high dose of nutritional value and have been happily consumed by humans and animals as well and have showed significant changes in them which are applauding. Their popularity can be vouched from the fact that they have once claimed to be the most popular food of many countries one of them being china.

Often in the olden days at the time of famines when there would be scarcity of food in the region people have effectively survived on marijuana seeds as their staple diet and lived through the hard days. These seeds have specifically three valuable properties which are considered very well for nutritional intake.  Firstly these seeds are completely saturated with high protein content amino acids which are the building blocks of our body. Next these Cannabis seeds also have huge quantity of trace minerals and elements which are not easily available in combined form from other foods items and besides this they also have omega three and omega six in ideal quantity.

These seeds are very effective for people who have a low intake of fatty acids in their dietary routines which can be compensated by these seeds and also the athletes who have strict sessions and other professionals whose body fat burns faster when working. Besides this these seeds are equivalent to the most nutritional part of a vegetarian of vegan selection of foods which offers the fat and protein content like the one present in meat.

Apart from these regular benefits there are other benefits too from the consumption of these marijuana seeds which include the anti ageing effect which is brought into effect from the natural oils impacting upon the hair and the skin which is apart from the nourishment provided by these seeds to the skin regeneration cells and the hair follicles. The research studies have already proved that the organic hemp oil from these seeds has more impact for anti ageing when compared to other commercial products available in the market.

A very important fact is that these seeds are not grown commercially but grow naturally without any kind of input of fertilizers and pesticides which are inevitable in the growth of healthy plants. Thus they can be termed has organic products which are original in nature and benefit the humankind all the time.