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Herbs used for an Aromatherapy Vaporizer

Aromatherapy is more than just picking some herbs and burning them to produce an odor or a smell.  There is a blend between science and art that creates an aroma or an odor that can relax the body and the mind, ridding them of certain ailments.  Aromatherapy is an ancient art that is believed to have origins from the East.  It is a form of therapy that not only includes burning certain herbs to acquire a distinct scent, but also certain oils and waters (rose water).  Technology offers a new means of burning herbs with an aromatherapy vaporizer, which acts as an instrumental aspect in offering scents that are of the essence of the herb from which it derives.

Herbs for an aromatherapy vaporizer

Below are some herbs that can be used for aromatherapy and the purpose of using them.

Aloe Vera-optimal burn temperature is 183 degrees Celsius, 361 degrees Fahrenheit.  The aloe vera plant has always been known as a healing one, as its sap has been used in many different applications. The leaf can be used in this method to produce healing effects as well.

Jasmine-optimal burn temperature is between 100 and 125 degrees Celsius (212 to 257 degrees Fahrenheit).  Jasmine is best known for lifting a person’s mood or feeling confident.  Its aroma is soft and inviting.

Gingko-optimal burn temperature is 140 degrees Celsius, 284 degrees Fahrenheit.  Gingko is known to enhance memory.  Other properties include stroke and Alzheimer’s prevention.

Ginseng-optimal burn temperature is between 175 degrees and 200 degrees Celsius (347 degrees and 392 degrees Fahrenheit).  Ginseng is a great vaporizer herb for the use as a sexual enhancer-perhaps more vitality.

Peppermint-optimal burn temperature is between 100 degrees and 150 degrees Celsius (212 degrees and 302 degrees Fahrenheit).  Peppermint can be used as an anti-oxidant and aids in the prevention of age related problems.

There are many more herbs that can be burned with aromatherapy vaporizer, but these are just a few samples of the type of scents that are used and the purpose of actually using each particular scent.  It is very important to always know the optimal burn temperature or range, so that the herbs offer the optimal quality when it comes to the scent or aroma.  If there is any doubt about the proper temperature, make sure that it is researched to find a range that is proper and suitable for the particular herb.  Aromatherapy vaporizers will enhance and relax anyone, creating positive results in a healthy manner.