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How To Choose Essential Oil Brand And Which One Are Top Rated In The Market?

There are many essential oils brand around the market, how pure of the oils is one of my main preference, some oils smell good but not natural, some even diluted and no “life” in it. The Potency and Purity are essentials and rather important while i use it for healing.

Everyone can claim they are Organic based or Therapeutic Grade, but how true i don’t know. There are many reasons can affected the quality of the oil.

From the quality of the plants, to the process of preparation, are the oils being diluted, cut or adulterated?

Potency means that the naturally occurring compounds contained in each essential oil product are of the highest and most consistent bioactive levels

So far the essential oils brand called Young Living is one of the most satisfication brand and it is always top of my list for personal use and my clients.

Young Living also have wide selection range of oils, from lavender to rose essences.

To buy Young Living oils, i need to sign up their Distributor Membership program through their website, they are using referrer method and most of their clients are referring through friends.

While i join the program i receive 24% discount off the retail price, in order to qualify as their distributor membership, i need to purchase one of the Starter Pack, there are total of 5  packages range from $40 to $300. I choose the “Start Living with Everyday Oils” Kits which have  total of 9 + 2 bottle of 5ml essential oils, the cost is $150, with this package i get to try out their Frankincense, Lemon, 2x Lavender, 2x Peppermint, Purification, Panaway, Peace & Calming®, Thieves®, and Valor®.

So what’s the catch? Do i need to pay monthly to maintain the Distributor Membership status? No, i don’t need to pay any fees to maintain the account, if i want to purchase more i just need to login with my account at their website and order online.

If you wish to join their referrer program for earning extra income, whoever you introduce the products and they have successfully join the membership, you will receive commissions. Some of my friends are earning thousand of US dolllars every month, of course you have the option use it to exchange for free products.

Is shipping expensive? Not really if i purchase more then $150, i get Fedex Priority shipping  reduced rate and delivered to my Malaysia address within 3 days starting from $10. So the shipping fee still bearable.

If you are staying in USA even better, you got the Fedex priority shipping for few bucks only.

If you are interested to buy their products online, you can sign up with the links below.

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