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Private Label CBD Capsules

Private Label CBD Capsules 10mg | 25mg | 50mg

Hemp CBD Capsules

These have become the easiest and most convenient way to get your daily CBD.  These Gelatin capsules each contain at least 25mg of CBD Pure CBD with natural Terpene profiles.  These capsules include all other naturally occurring cannabinoids such as CBDA and Terpenes.  This well rounded blend is what most people find the best well being from.

Best CBD Capsules For Private Label CBD Capsules

These CBD Capsules are available so you can take it easily, each day.  Be sure to check out our other concentrations as we have them also available in 10 mg CBD Isolate with Terpenes. Most brands only offer one capsule size for their customers.
Bulk Capsules starting at 7500 MOQ bulk or 50 Bottled
Ingredient List:  Pure Hemp Extract, Rice Flour.

All of our Ultra High Grade Cannabinoid Rich Industrial Hemp CBD is grown, produced, and packaged in the great states of Washington and Colorado, USA! We also test all batches by 3rd party vendor 360 Analytical.  

**We include with ALL orders 3rd party lab tests and certificates of analysis of our raw materials. 

Product Attributes:

  • Zero THC

  • With Natural Terpene Profile

  • GMP Manufactured

  • FDA Registered and Insured Manufacturing facility we OWN!
  • Real encapsulation machine IN-HOUSE 

  • Available in Standard   |10 mg | 25 mg | 50mg

  • Custom Formulations and stock sports line ready with pre, post and athlete blends in stock!