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Sozo Coffee Berry – Not Merely Someancient Antioxidant Will Perform, Sozo Features Coffeeberry

There’s a basis antioxidants are thus demanded: they work to make safe cell-damaging uncontrolled radicals. And because cell damage is somewhere health alarms begin, antioxidants present a base on behalf of strong existing.

Together with lots of different varieties of antioxidants, each one supporting distinctive structures of the body, there’s synergy to be secured by creating the proper recipe. As the most robust antioxidants start in the natural world, combining several natural antioxidant sources into a solo supplement creates sense.

That’s the theory at the back of a groundbreaking nutritional beverage called SoZo® – a concept others have considered, but none have prepared as pleasantly.

At the middle of SoZo’s proprietary merge of vegetable, fruit, and curing botanical extracts is CoffeeBerry®. This primary ingredient captures the pure powerhouse antioxidants of the full coffee fruit whilst shielding the fruit’s taste, color, and dietary worth. It took years of research to design the CoffeeBerry method, which contains three global patents.

“SoZo is nature’s basket of fruits and vegetables,” explained John M. Hunter, one of the developers of CoffeeBerry. “It’s not just a single antioxidant chemical that will give you an unnatural spike in antioxidants. Humans require a broad spectrum of nutrition from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, especially when it comes to antioxidants. CoffeeBerry, in combination with other fruit and vegetable powders and extracts, delivers powerful support for diets that may be lacking sufficient fruit and vegetable antioxidants.”

A three-ounce helping of SoZo encloses greater than 10,000 ORAC units, the antioxidant equivalent of approximately 20 servings of fruits and vegetables.

“As we started peeling back the layers and taking a closer look at the nutrient content, it became apparent that CoffeeBerry was off the charts with antioxidants and glyconutrients,” said Larry Cantrell, SoZo’s Chairman and CEO. “It was unique and far beyond any ingredient that we had ever dealt with. CoffeeBerry is what fresh blueberries wish they could be. There’s just nothing else like it in the marketplace.”
SoZo is all natural and contains no preservatives, sugar, artificial flavors or colors.