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Top 3 Mortal Sins for Treating your Herb Vaporizers

Today, herb vaporizers are one of the most sought after machines. They may be portable vaporizers, digital vaporizers, weed vaporizersor manual ones but they are all big hits in the now health conscious world.

Vaporizing is the process of heating a certain substance to a temperature just below combustion/ burning, so the natural essences of the substances will eventually emerge out of its solid form and will produce a misty vapor. Vaporizing is known to be the healthier alternative to smoking, because there is no actual burning that happens, therefore there are no tar and no carcinogens. Because of these benefits, vaporizers have slowly become home necessities for people who smoke, used to smoke and those who plan to smoke.

Vaporizers’ Uses are Specific

Vaporizers have specific uses, such as all other appliances; therefore you must not use them in activities which are not intended for its supposed usage. When the vaporizer was first designed, there are concerns such as safety and the durability of the machine which were placed at the center stage of the production process. Lastly, every bit of the vaporizer was designed for an intention—vaporizing—therefore it is not advised to use the vaporizer for other things. Just like a microwave oven is intended for heating, it should be placed in dry places and should not be used to other things which are not mentioned in its manual. Always remember: Safety hazards.

Mortal Sin # 1: Misuse

Likewise, never use materials which are not intended for usage INSIDE the vaporizer. Herb vaporizers are designed to heat herbs, oils or even tobacco. If you want to use them for medical purposes or for recreational purposes, it doesn’t matter. As long as you load the right things, you’ll be fine. NEVER EVER experiment with other materials which are not for the vaporizer, such as magazine paper. Also, never put any powdery material as this can ruin the inner workings of your herb vaporizerand may even cause health problems.

Mortal Sin # 2: Overheating

Never let your vaporizers overheat. Common sense will tell you that since the vaporizer has heating elements, it will eventually become a fire hazard when it is switched on. Moreover, a vaporizer is also designed to heat quickly, therefore, these herbs can heat up pretty fast. Due to this abrupt heating, once the substances are already heated, the vaporizer should be shut down already. If you overheat it, it might eventually explode (yes, this is true!) and will cause fire. Never leave your vape unattended and unplug it or switch it off when you think it’s already too hot.

Mortal Sin # 3: Instability

The last mortal sin that you can do to your herbal vaporizer it put it in a place where it’s not sturdy, flat and stable. You will run the risk of it to be toppled over. As what is said in the previous paragraph, a vaporizer is always a potential hazard when it’s switched on. Imagine if it gets knocked over! It can easily inflame the materials nearby and will cause fire.

All you need to remember about herb vaporizers are its mechanical uses and these three mortal sins. Be sure to share this information with anyone who has a vape or plans to buy one! And be careful not to commit a mortal sin!