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Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD is actually quite hard to come by. Often, companies promise that their CBD ‘oil’ is water soluble, but that is not the case. Oil and water don’t mix. In addition, CBD oils tend to have a very distinctive taste, and it’s not a particularly appealing one. The oils are not readily absorbed by the body, and they smell bad and aren’t appetizing.

CBD isolates, however, are water soluble. They are a powder that can be added to warm liquids, and that can also be added to edibles. They are more bio-available than help oils, which means that you’ll get more of the benefits from the CBD, and for a lower dose too.

CBD products that are water soluble offer the healing, focus and mental benefits of CBD oil, without the difficulties of having to find something that will taste good enough for you to want to consume it. They also lack the psychoactive properties of THC, which means that you can take them without having to worry about getting high, and being impaired when you need to work or focus.

What Does CBD Do?

CBD is a cannabidoil. There are actually around 85 Cannabiniods of these in hemp and marijuana, of which CBD is just one variety and THC is another. Each acts in a slightly different way, and they interact with each other to act on different receptors. CBD is particularly interesting because of the way that it both reduces the production of certain pain related neurotransmitters, and acts on certain receptors too. It may help to ease chronic pain symptoms, and it can also improve focus and make people more calm.

CBD does not necessarily ‘cure’ the cause of the pain, but it may ease inflammation, and can reduce pain, which can sometimes have a lasting impact. This is particularly true for chronic injuries, where you might be feeling pain because the brain is using the pain as a protective instinct. CBD may reduce that painful feeling while you heal, and therefore stop the pain longer term as well, giving you back full range of motion and a healthier feeling.

CBD is legal almost everywhere in the world. The only place where it is currently treated as being a controlled substance on the same level as THC is Canada, although there are questions and blurry concerns about the legality of it in the UK as well, since it is not explicitly mentioned in legislation.  However, since it is not psychoactive, it is considered acceptable for people to take it in the USA, and it is even sold in the UK too.  You can get it in powdered (isolate) form, as well as oils, balms and more.  Water soluble CBD is the most bio-available, and this is why it is so popular.

If you decide to purchase CBD isolate, think carefully about how you take it. You can mix it with e-liquids and inhale it, or you could add it to edibles or even to drinks. Don’t mix it into boiling hot water though, because this could break down the isolate. Mix it with warm liquids for best results in terms of taste, convenience, and absorption.

Remember that you will need consistent doses over time to really see results. You should experience improved calmness and focus quite quickly, but healing benefits will take longer. Reduced inflammation will be apparent quite quickly, but CBD just helps your body take care of itself. You will still need to rest and let your body heal properly, if you want to live a pain free and comfortable existence. Water-soluble CBD is definitely a great source for application. Silver Shadow CBD offers the highest quality of Water-soluble CBD in the world for B2b White Label Wholesale.